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The magician borrows a $20 bill from a spectator. He has the spectator write their name with large letters across the face of the bill. The magician folds up the bill into a small packet, places it up under a handkerchief, and has the spectator hold the bill through the hank. A few moments later the magician whips the hank away from the volunteer's hands and the bill vanishes. The magician apologizes and offers to share his lunch. He reaches into a sack and removes a lemon. Using an ordinary butter knife, the magician cuts the lemon in half. Inside is the signed bill!

This outfit comes with everything necessary to perform this classic effect in magic including the tool necessary to prepare the lemon, sack, specially prepared handkerchief, sharpie markers, gimmick, and complete instructions. $20 not included! Borrow that from a spectator and if you play it correctly, he might give it to you as a tip!

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