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The magician asks for a willing participant to put their head in the wooden stock. After being tightly secured, an electric jigsaw is introduced, complete with a hideous foot long blade. The magician switches on the saw momentarily to show it is real. He then inserts the blade of the saw down into one end of the stock, turns the saw back on, and then magically proceeds to cut right through the volunteer's neck. The blade even cuts through a carrot protruding through the holes in the stock right above the volunteer's head. After cutting all the way from one side to the other, the saw is switched off and removed from the stocks. The volunteer is completely unharmed of course, is released as well from the stock, and receives their just applause. Note that the saw and blade can be passed for examination before the performance of the trick, and yes, the saw and saw blade are real in every sense of the word. Any audience member can be used without prior rehearsal. The illusionette packs flat, sets up in only a couple of minutes, and provides a multitude of moments for comedic interaction.

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