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The magician hands an ordinary quarter out for examination. The coin is laid on top of the neck opening to remind the audience how impossible it would be to push a push a coin through neck opening! That's exactly what the magician proceeds to do however. He puts his empty hands around the coin and neck opening of the bottle and the coin drops right into the bottle! The coin can be shaken out and handed back out for examination.

Other routines enable you to penetrate the coin through the bottom of the bottle. The bottle can be a regular soda pop bottle or it can be one of the small bottles such as a Perrier water bottle! This coin is one of the best available on the magic market.

Also the Gene Gordon "Bite Coin" effect can be performed where you apparently bite off a piece of the coin and then spit it out whereby it mysteriously reappears back onto the coin.

IMPORTANT! This quarter is the new "internal system" coin that does not require the use of rubber bands! That's right, no more latex rubber bands to get brittle and break! Now perform folding coin routines with confidence and ease. This is an incredible advancement in the art of coin magic that just made the classic coin in the bottle routine practical and professional. 0051RUMTFOLDQINT

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