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The magician reaches up into the air and produces a glowing red light at his fingertips! The light is put in the pocket and then mysteriously reappears at the fingertips The light can be made to come from your elbow, belly button, or even your nose! Reach over to the on/off light on your television and "take part of the light away." Reach into your pocket and exclaim, "Hey kid, look. I've got Rudolph's nose!" Shine a laser pointer at the wall. Reach over and "remove" the pin-point light and put it into your pocket. Reach up to scratch your ear and your ear glows red! Comes as a set of two so that hand to hand transfer is possible. This set is the new dual pack Prisma lights package, the ultra bright version and can be clearly seen from a distance. Far superior as compared to the inexpensive oriental knock-offs. Recommended. 009RUMSBPRISMA_REDPAIR

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