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Wow! What a great close-up magic trick! In the right hands, this finely machined brass trick will really fool you! Based upon a very old principle, the magician displays two brass rings and a brass "checker" or plug. The plug is placed between the two rings and the rings are snapped together. This forms a single unit that can be thoroughly examined. The magician then displays three quarters and drops them into the top ring. Of course the checker/plug keeps the quarters from passing through. A little shake however, and a quarter seemingly penetrates right throught the barrier and falls out the bottom ring! The top quarters are poured out and shure enough, there are now only two quarters on top! The trick is repeated a second time and of course the second quarter passes through. The last quarter is made to vanish and it too mysteriously penetrates right through! This is finely made magic at its best. The rings and plug may be throughly examined before and after the performance. They are ungimmicked in every way! A very nice magic trick and extremely well made. Comes complete with an instructional DVD. 057MM0407

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