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Four face down cards are displayed. A spectator names the color of two of the cards (red or black). The spectator then names the suit. When the cards are fanned apart, the selected card is upside down! But that's not all, the magician then turns the selected card upside down and it has a different colored back than the other three cards. The three cards are each turned over and they are blank! A powerful, powerful magic trick. 846RUMBWAVE

This is just like the regular B-Wave trick listed above, but it is made with jumbo playing cards so that the effect can play in stand-up magic performing situations. Recommended. 0051RUMBWAVE_JUM

A black bag is handed to a spectator who is asked to place it over his head to attest that the bag is opaque and cannot be seen through. The magician then takes the bag and places it over his head. This secretly constructed bag will now allow the magician to see well enough to read what is printed on chalkboard, see billets, do second sight routines, and yes even drive a car (do so at your own risk by the way, there are a lot of bad drivers out there). Comes complete with bag and written instructions. Gosh, he must have x-ray vision just like Tarbell!

This blindfold is manufactured from solid metal. There are no pinholes or fakes of any kind used. The Blindfold may be thoroughly examined by the spectators. Yet when the metal mask is placed over the magician's eyes, he can see. Even with the solid metal material blocking his vision, you can carry out many stunning effects.

The method is both simple and subtle. A few trials will convince you that this in not only one of the most effective blindfolds in the world, it is also the easiest to work as there are literally no fakes, switches or special moves of any kind. The blindfold features solid aluminum construction with a matte black finish and an elastic headband.

The magician displays a blindfold. To demonstrate the blindfold's effectiveness, he places it over a spectator's eyes. The spectator attests that he can't see with the blindfold, and especially if it were to be tied around his head. However when the blindfold is placed on the magician, he is able to see clearly enough to recognize objects, find his way about, and do other apparent sixth sense effects. Uncanny!

This book was written by Ted Anneman, one of the most prolific inventors of mental magic who has ever lived. The book represents an outstanding collection of nearly 200 crowd-pleasing mental magic feats. The author offers insider's tips and expert advice on techniques, presentation, diversions, patter, staging and all else needed to make mental magic a foolproof success. This book is lucidly written and thoroughly diagrammed book by one of magic's legendary figures. Softbound. 087nufdo00180

67 sure-fire mental feats to delight and mystify with feats of mind reading with cards, instant ESP, identification of the owners of objects given to you in random order, number prediction, how to magically reproduce drawings on slates, book tests, handwriting tricks, mind-reading done from a room away, and much more. 73 illustrations. Softbound.

This is a classic text on mentalism type magic. Probably the most powerful form of magic, mentalism deals with mindreading ticks such as thought projection and fortelling the future. The books contains information on muscle reading, mnemonics and mental systems, predictions, blindfolds, billets, book tests, two person telepathy methods, mediumistic stunts, card tricks, publicity stunts, and patter and presentation ideas. A hardback volume by Corinda. 0051NUFdr00270

A bicycle deck of cards is displayed. An audience member is asked to name any card (free choice and no forces). The cards are removed from their case and the selected card is found to be upside down in the deck! Not only that, for the climax the card is turned around and the card has a different colored back than the rest of the deck! Bicycle Cards.

A great utility item with many possible uses. This clear plastic bag is shown to contain a number of slips of paper. Actually however, the bag ontains compartments. This allows you to easily force a slip of paper on an audience member. The bag can also be used to force cards, silk handkerchiefs, Chinese fortune cookie predictions, or just about any small items that will fit in the bag. Instructions included. 521nufud00370
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