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The magician hands his volunteer his standard white tipped black magic wand. As soon as the volunteer takes the wand, it falls apart! The wand can be instantly restored behind the performer"s back and handed back to the volunteer. Immediately the wand falls apart again! This is a hilarious routine that is certainly a classic of magic and a great effect for children and adults alike. 532FOLmw-0024

Two magic wands are displayed and held in the hand as per the illustration. Each wand has a tassel hanging from it. One tassel has a long string connecting it to the wand and the other tassel has a short string connecting it to the wand. Pull the short string and tassel downward and the long string and tassel goes up! Vice-versa the trick is performed several times until the audience surmises that the stings are just connected at the ends of the wands and is being hidden by the hand holding the wands! The wands are separated however and still the sympathetic reaction occurs! Pull the short tassel and the long one goes up! A classic in magic. These sticks are plastic, made distributed from Italy, and are very smooth. Recommended. 005RUMCHINESESTICKSDIF

This very nice stage size version of the Chinese Sticks trick features natural wood finish look and are a full fourteen inches long and about three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Bright red tassels, white cord, and the red bead at the top makes these sticks visible enough for close-up or for the platform and stage. They are economically priced and provide great value for the cost. 0201RUMCHINESESTICKSWOOD

You display a rectangular magic wand with the traditional black center and white tips. You show it on both sides thanks to the trusty paddle move. Finally one small wave of the wand through the air, and the wand changes to multi-colors! Fairly easy to do once you get the knack of it. The wand itself is made of acrylic and the colors are made from iridescence reflective plastic sheeting. 002MM0695

Just like the Dancing Cane, this beautiful mylar wand dances around the air and floats in and around the performer's hands. Approximately 13 1/8" long x 5/16" in diameter, this wand comes complete with invisible thread.

This is a standard magician's magic wand. It is made of plastic and has the traditional black middle with white tips. While it does no magic trick in and of itself, it is very useful as a pointing device or for directing an audience's attention when misdirection is required. 001nufro00410

This beautiful prop magic wand is professional in every respect. Traditional black wand with beautiful chrome tips, the wand is about a foot long and half inch in diameter. The body of the wand unscrews in half for packing. The wand has a perfect weight and feel to it for the wand spin and is the ideal magic wand for a professional cups and balls routine. This wand should last a lifetime. 0041MM0337

A great effect invented by Bev Bergeron, this is a great comedy routine that is especially delighful to children's audiences. The magician uses a volunteer from the audience and hands him his nice big Lucite plastic magic wand. Suddenly the wand transforms into two wands, then three, then four, five, and finally six! 009FOL63-0014

The magician displays a length of plastic tubing with a short piece of cord passing thru one end of the stick. Attached to these short cord ends are two large easy-to-see pom poms, one attached to each end of the short cord. Different colored pom poms are attached to the ends of a long cord thread through the other end of the stick. The long pom pom cord can be pulled back and forth through its end of the rod to prove the cords are not connected. Suddenly the magician pulls down one of the short cord pom poms. The short cord becomes long and the long cord becomes short!

This comical byplay is demonstrated with each of the pom poms being pulled, which causes a pom pom on the other end to go up. Each pom poms is seeming attached to all the other pom poms! For the finale the magician unexpectedly pulls the short cord again and both cords on the stick are now long! The tube is separated in the middle and there is no connection between the cords on each end of the stick! The magicians slips the two halves of the rod back together and the crazed “what is connected to where” scenario can start all over again!

If you are looking for a quality magic effect for children’s and family audiences, then look no further. This trick is easy to do, has built-in laughter, and never fails to bewilder audiences of all ages. It packs small and plays big.

This fine piece of magic apparatus was invented by the late Ali Bongo, featured by Doug Henning, and this model was handcrafted in Europe. It features extruded orange plastic tubing made specifically for the trick, has fine machine work, and is crafted with precision engineering. This trick is professional in every respect and is highly sought after by magicians, clowns, and other variety entertainers.

This item is also very rare, has been off the market for a long time, and we only have five in stock. After that we won’t be able to get more until the manufacturer starts making them again (if that time comes). If you have ever wanted this great trick, you had better get it now. They won’t last long on our shelves and when they are gone, we will remove this trick from our website. Note that the color scheme of the pom poms sometimes varies.

Once upon a time, this was called the Five in One Wand. Although it's name has changed, the wand will still cling to your fingers, slowly move upward in your hand, make a handkerchief appear at it's tip, and do a variety of other things. Made of plastic, the wand had the traditional black middle with white tip ends. Still a good trick and the wand can be used as a regular magician's wand too. 021NUFAD00540
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