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This beautiful chrome plated metal sword measures 36 inches open, but telescopes and collapses to a mere 10 inches in length. This sword can be produced or vanished anytime during an act, under cover of a cloth, or made to appear seemingly out of thin air. This is an incredible prop for a Ninja or oriental routine. 72NUFMLOO200

You show a gleaming metal sword and set it aside. Three cards are then selected and shuffled back into the deck. A volunteer is next asked to throw the deck of cards in to the air. As the cards flutter to the ground, the performer stabs the sword into their midst. Three cards are found impaled on the sword, the same three cards selected by the volunteers! The cards can be handed out as souvenirs.

This well made prop is priced at fraction of the cost of other Card Swords. The sword is made of brass and is nickel plated to a high glossy metallic shine. The Card Sword measures approximately 29" from top to bottom and the handle can be detached for storage and transport. Indeed, a very nice prop and hard to keep in stock. 0594nufud00010

You show a salt shaker and apparently start pouring the salt into your fist. Once the shaker is empty, you cover it with a silk hank. Suddenly you open your hand and show that the salt has vanished! You whip off the silk hank from the shaker and the shaker is full of salt again! This fine effect is self-contained, looks like a real "restaurant salt shaker, and is made of high quality clear plastic with a chromed plated top. It works sort of like the Magic Milk Pitcher effect except that the "salt" is actually micro glass beads to avoid problems with humidity. Perfect for close up or stage. Comes complete with instructions and routines. 0231nufve00060 or 0031FOLsa-0014

The classic Three Card Monte trick made in super-jumbo sized cards that do all of the work for you! No matter how fair the magician makes the shuffling process, and even without touching the cards, the Queen eludes the view of the audience. One minute it's on the left, then it's on the right, and then it's in the center of the three cards. Even when the Queen is marked with a red silk handkerchief, it travels from one position to the other - invisibly. Made in Europe by Joker Magic, attractive and stage-filling, this classic effect is suitable for nearly every type of venue, and plays very well in stand-up and parlor situations. Boxed with instructions. Cards are silk screened in bright colors and are made to withstand years of use. Easel not included.

The performer displays a large framed mirror. He taps the mirror with a magic wand, knife, or other similar object to prove that it is solid. The mirror is then placed into a cloth bag. Holding the bag in one hand and taking a large knitting needle in the other hand, the performer suddenly pushes the needle through the bag and mirror! The audience can clearly see the needle poking all the way through. This may be repeated a couple of times and each time the needle apparently penetrates smoothly through the mirror. The magician removes the needle, and then demonstrates that the mirror and frame are "flexible" like a hinge! The mirror is removed from the bag and it is completely unharmed, much to the amazement of the audience! 0042rumflexablemi

A real glass mirror in a wooden frame is wrapped in a sheet of newspaper or dropped into the colorful cloth zipper bag (included). A knife, knitting needle, or other sharp object can be penetrated through the paper or bag and seemingly right through the mirror! For a climax, the mirror can be bent back and forth! Suddenly the mirror and frame are removed from the newspaper or bag and they are completely restored! Made from select hardwood with a natural wood finish, this product is lterally a work of art.

The magician asks for a lady to help him with his next routine. The magician displays a beautiful beaded necklace and hands it to the lady for her to examine. The magician then takes the necklace apart to show one long string of beads. He asks the spectator to call out a number and hands the necklace back to the spectator. The spectator is then asked to pull on the ends of the necklace and the string breaks at the exact chosen number! The effect can be repeated of course with different numbers selected. This unique effect is always ready to perform, requires little skill, and is remarkably easy to do. A neat product from the Vernet people.

The magician displays a 15-inch specially made spiral disk, the kind a hypnotist might use. The spiral is spun and the magician instructs the audience to stare at the spiral and not look away. The magician counts backwards from 10 to 1, and when you reach one, he tells the audience to look at his nose. To the audience's amazement, the magician's head looks like it is growing, similar to a balloon being inflated! Next the magician spins the disk the other way, turn and look at someone sitting next to them in the audience, and their head appears to shrink! The trick can be done in the living room or on the largest stage. It is one of the most amazing pieces of psychological and physiological magic that has ever been discovered.

The magician displays a beautiful velvet necklace stand that supports string of white pearls. The pearls are removed and placed into the folds of a handkerchief. The hank is whipped open and the pearls disappear! The stand is then covered with the handkerchief for a moment, and when it is removed, the necklace magically reappears back on the stand! Easy to do magic, a lot of fun, and the routine opens itself up to all sorts of fairy tale patter stories for children.

A wrist watch, ring, or other small object is borrowed from someone in the audience. The item disappears using the magicians favorite method. On display throughout the routine is a cardboard box. The magician opens the cardboard box and removes a very beautiful wooden box with a natural wood finish. The box is opened, and inside is another small box that is padlocked shut. The magician takes out a key, has a spectator open the box, and inside of course is the missing vanished object! This is a beautifully made prop based upon the old Lippincott box principle. Comes complete with the two wooden boxes and complete instructions. Use your own cardboard larger box or equivalent. 0002nufud00880
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