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The magician reaches up into the air and a full-length walking cane instantly appears out of thin air! Or the magician can display a handkerchief and instantaneously it visibly transforms into the cane! This effect innovated by Russ Walsh many years ago is one of the most incredible flash magic tricks ever created. With proper care and use, this fine metal model of the Appearing Cane is crafted to last a lifetime. It is beautiful in appearance and the action is lightening fast!

The magician displays an ordinary looking walking stick. He handles the cane momentarily and suddenly the cane starts dancing in the air! The can can be made to swing all the way around the magician. There is no apparent means of support as the cane dances back and forth. This beautiful cane is light-weight and collapsible. Complete instructions are included.

The magician comes forward holding a blazing torch. Suddenly the torch changes to a full-length cane! This is the torch addition for the metal appearing cane. The torch is made entirely out of aluminum. It has a cotton cord type wick and is made to burn regular cigarette lighter fluid. Understand that this is the torch only for the Appearing Cane. Note also that only metal appearing canes should be used. 005nufud01000

A full-length black walking cane is displayed to the audience. The end of the cane can be sharply rapped on a table top to prove it is solid. While the cane is held between the hands, suddenly it transforms into one or two silk hanks! Or the cane can disappear and turn into a shower of confetti! The ways to use the cane are endless. The plastic cane is far superior to the metal vanishing canes when it comes to safety. Highly recommended. 0021RUMVANISHINGCANEB
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