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Sam Berland was the premier distributor and manufacturer of classic thimble magic for many years. He put out at least two different sets of thimbles for thimble routines. The set that is the classic and most plentiful is Berland’s Thimble Routine. This set is Berland’s very rare Super Thimble Routine, “The Joining of Two Tricks Into One Beautiful Routine.” What Berland did was to take his standard eight thimble routine set and add improved thimble holders and the climax of four jumbo thimbles. Included in the set are all the original thimbles, holders, and illustrated instructions. Note that the manufacture of the set is about 1962. We do believe the elastic on the holders has aged. Overall however, this set is a beautiful collector’s item in excellent condition. Note that we only have one of these. After it is sold, we will remove this item from our website.  001CBMBERLANDSUPERTHIMBLE


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