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The magician displays a block of walnut wood that has a long bolt running through it. It is secured on the end with a nut. The bolt and block are handed to a spectator, and they take any ordinary coin such as a US quarter and try to push the quarter through the slot in the top of the block. Of course the quarter will not go through the block due to the metal bolt. The magician unscrews the nut and removes the bolt. The bolt is ordinary in every respect and can be thoroughly examined by a spectator. The magician pushes the bolt back through the block, and the end of the bolt is secured once again with the nut. The magician then takes the coin, places it into the slot, and visibly the coin seemingly melts right through the bolt and block!


The nut is then unscrewed, the bolt is removed from the block, and everything (nut, bolt, and block) can be thoroughly examined by the spectator! This is an uncanny trick that fools most magicians. Note that the bolt is not gimmicked, and does not unscrew like the Ball through Bolt trick. There are no magnets, only one coin is used, the trick comes with clear directions, the walnut block is beautifully made, and any foreign domestic coin can be used. This effect was originally invented by Kenard in 1943. This version was released by Jay Leslie. 0012STBLOCKANDBOLT


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