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The magician displays a canister and proceeds to crack an egg into the can. Next he clamps a card over the top of the can and inverts the can on top of a boy or girl’s head, having the child hold the card and canister in place. Then apparently forgetting what comes next, the magician remembers that the instructions were printed on the card! He pulls the card from between the inverted can and the spectator’s head. To everyone’s laughter, the card reads DO NOT REMOVE.  After some other comical byplay, when the magician finally lifts the can, to everyone’s delight (and the spectator’s relief), there is no egg mess! In fact under the container is a tall glass of candy, which the magician rewards to the spectator for his or her pain and suffering! Comes with the can, card, directions, and information on how to make a blown egg. Note that can colors sometimes vary. Use your own candy of course. 001MBC


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