The magician presents two tall stacks of bright three-inch square yellow numbered blocks. Each stack has six cubes. One column has the blocks stacked one through six, and the second column has its cubes stacked six through one. The magician places an empty 18” tall tube over one of the stacks. When the tube is lifted, the stack of cubes have rearranged and now match the number order of the blocks of the other stack! The cubes are once again rearranged and the stacks are shown to be in opposite order again. Once again when the tube is placed over for a split second and then removed, the stacks match again. For the final phase, an audience member calls out the order of the cubes in one stack and the magician follows along and then stacks his opposite the helper’s stack. The tube is placed again and just a split second later, the stacks match again. 681KAMCUBALIBRE