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The late Yutaka Kikuchi of Japan took the magic world by a storm with the introduction of his unique line of fire magic. The inventor of Fickle Fire, flash cotton shooting devices, fire products for silk hanks, cards and other items, one of his highly sought-after tricks was his Fire Hat effect. This is a gimmick that is attached to the inside of any folding top hat. The hat is then collapsed so that the fire chamber projects up through the middle part of the folded hat. A silk hank is attached to the outside door of the chamber. The chamber itself is saturated with cigarette lighter fluid, which is available at any major drug store. The fire chamber door is then closed. In performance, the magician displays the collapsed hat. Suddenly there is fire leaping from the middle of the hat (fire chamber), ignited by the flint wheel stem built into the chamber. The magician pops the hat open, the fire goes out, he turns the hat upside down, and a silk hank flutters into view. Note that we cannot sell this item to minors. It can however be legally shipped through the US Mail system. This item is rare, highly sought after by collectors, and available now only through the Illusion Warehouse. On used magic lists, they have gone for $150 and more. Note that these are original Fire Hat effects are made by hand by Kikuchi himself. We only have two or three left in stock! Get it while you can!  0075MBCFIREHAT


$125.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
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