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The magician opens a small clasp type coin purse and fire blazes out!  As the performer reaches inside, the flames go out and a hank, coins, etc are extracted from the purse! This is a stunning way to produce the small items for your next close-up trick! This trick was invented by the late Yutaka Kikuchi senior. The Illusion Warehouse was the USA wholesale supplier of his famous line of fire magic for many years and before his demise. We have one (and only one) of his classic Fire Purses still in stock. This one is new and unused. After this one is sold, there will be no more. This is a last chance to acquire one of the classics of the Kikuchi magic line!  Comes complete with the purse and instructions. Use any regular cigarette lighter fluid as the fuel for the trick. 001CBMFIREPURSEKIKUCHI


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