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Flipp-Flapp is a unique production apparatus that distributed many years ago by Magic Hands in Germany. The magician displays a square tubular frame to be completely empty. The frame is folded flat and then re-opened into a long slender squarish tube. The magician can then produce an array of different items including silks, sponge balls, spring flowers and even a Nielsen Magic type vinyl bottle. The prop is made from fine quality bookbinder linen, boards and glitter sparkle red and silver decoration. This item is of course no longer made and we only have one in stock, acquired recently from a magic shop that went out of business. This item is old but is still packaged in original clear plastic shrink wrap! We will delete this item from our website when it is sold. No production items are included, but the price includes full shipping in the USA! 001CBMFLIPPFLAPP


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