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The Magician displays an empty tray. He takes some coloured tissue paper and tears it into small pieces, which are placed on the tray. Suddenly the pieces of paper on the tray change to a bunch of different coloured spring flowers! The magician repeats the effect, producing a different coloured second boquet of flowers. This is repeated twice more, for a sum total of four magical productions. Or the magician can also produce the flowers on the empty tray without using the paper pieces. Or the tray can be used to produce silks, ribbons, latex production goods, sponge balls etc. instead of spring flowers. The well-made special tray is provided. The tray is hexagon-shaped with a black velvet covered top and natural wood finish sides. Its approximately sixteen inches across. This is a professional prop that is fun to watch in performance. Use your own spring flowers, silk hanks, or other production items. This is a very nice effect for the price. 0063KAM6623P


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