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The magician invites a spectator to assist. Two packs of jumbo sized cards are displayed. Each pack has five cards. One of the packs have blue backs and the other pack has red backs. The magician takes one of the packs and fans them. Each card is shown to have a different ESP symbol; one card has the circle, one has the square, one the star, one the plus sign, and one with wavy lines.


The magician squares the pack up, turns the cards face down, and starts moving the top card from the stack to the bottom of the stack until the spectator says stop. The top card is then shown to the audience (for example the circle). However the face of the card and therefore the card's symbol is not shown to the spectator. The magician then hands the spectator's chosen card to them and is asked to hold their card to their chest and hide the face of their card from view. 

The magician then takes the second packet of cards, fans them, shows them to the audience, but is careful not to show the card faces to the spectator. The audience probably chuckles however because all the magician's cards are the same, all circles for example. Of course the spectator  assumes the magician's five cards are also the circle, square, plus, star and wavy lines. It's obvious to the audience that they are “in on how the trick works” and that it will be the spectator who will be fooled. The magician places his chosen card to his chest. 

The magician then asks the spectator to name their card. They say “the plus” for example. Apparently the spectator is not telling the truth, or maybe they don't understand the request? Again the magician asks the spectator to name their card, and again the spectator says, “The plus.” Sure enough, the spectator turns over their card and the card does indeed have the plus symbol and not the circle! For the climax, the magician’s card is turned around and it too is the plus symbol!

This is the exceptional Don Alan/Billy McComb trick that is visible for larger audiences and yet packs small and plays big. The cards are jumbo sized with the Bicycle backs. The trick is easy to do and provides plenty of hilarious opportunities and bits of comical business. Comes complete with instructions. Note that the chosen cards vary from deck-to-deck depending upon the manufacture. 001CBMPUTONESP


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