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Volume One of the Keep the Wheels Turning collection is the story of Carl Owen, the man whose magical artistry and mechanical inventions were the foundation of quality magic. This book has 132 blueprints by the original draftsman, and over 100 other fine line drawings and reproductions of Carl Owen’s original work. Photos never before printed and superbly written text covers many facets of Carl’s life and associations with all the great magic figures of the times.


Volume Two is the most comprehensive and authoritatively researched volume ever produced regarding the life, heritage, times and associates of the legendary Floyd Thayer. To this day, many years after his demise, Thayer magic is the standard for quality magic. Over 25 years and thousands of hours of meticulous research were utilized before its final production. Twelve chapters in 372 pages of historical data, maps, charts, and anecdotes are illustrated with over 200 actual photographs and hundreds of line drawings. Many of the actual blueprints and drawings used by the Thayer Manufacturing Company are completely delineated in this volume.


These books are printed with meticulous care on the finest paper and are individually handbound with superb levant fabric and hand-tooled gold-stamped quality leather. These books are highly collectable, and we only have one set in pristine condition here at the Illusion Warehouse. CBM


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