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The magician displays a large cubical cage. He opens the front door of the cage and his female assistant enters. Next he covers the cage with a large cloth, spins the illusion around, whips off the covering, and the girl has changed into a Lion!


We offer two versions of the fantastic prop. The picture represents a model that uses the "base method." An alternate design puts the cage up in the air about 24 inches on four castored legs, similar to the look of a cage on a dining table. The girl then climbs up a set of stairs to enter the cage. Since this illusion is custom built for each customer, the size of the cage and the choice of the two methods for accomplishing the feat is at the customer's discretion.


The cages themselves are solidly built with the bars being steel tubing and TIG welded in place. In fact the construction of our cages is secure enough that they could actually be used as real animal cages if needed. The illusion can be built in any size, to produce any animal such as a panther, tiger, large breed dog such as a Dalmatian, and so forth. Built with the same rugged quality and attention to detail that Chadwick Illusion Fabrications is known for.


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