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If you are looking for a professional set of Linking Rings, look no further. We cannot describe the beauty of this georgeous set of lightweight stainless steel hollow tubing rings. These rings are seamless and are polished to an almost mirror finish. Each ring is just over 3/8" of an inch thick (.400 of an inch) and a full twelve inches in diameter. It is a traditional set of eight rings including the set of three, the set of two, two single rings, and the key ring. Also the key ring is magnetic and easily opens and closes. For the traditionalist who does not want a locking key ring, the key ring can be kept unlocked and can be used as a non-locking ring. Also included is a vinyl zippered bag, complete with a carry handle.


Again, the beauty of these rings are in our opinion the best set of larger rings currently available to the magic fraternity. Certainly these are very hard for us to get and supplies are extremely limited. The set comes with the rings and bag. No performance instructions are included. Honestly if you don't know, it would be better to buy beginner rings before making this professional investment. 00501RUMJLRINGS_12


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