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This incredible mechanical deck of cards is a diabolical card effect. The magician displays what appears to be an ordinary Bicycle deck of poker-sized playing cards. He can thumb through the cards freely, and even fan them face-forward to the audience. The cards are blocked back together face-down and the magician asks a spectator to lay his finger on one of the cards. After the card is shown to the volunteer and the audience, the card is placed back on top of the deck and the cards are shuffled. Suddenly the spectator's card is on top. Now it is seventh from the top. Now all the cards are copies of the spectator's chosen card! Or use this crazy deck as a way to force a card casually and without suspicion. Combining both the Pop-Eyed Popper and Svengali Deck principles, this often forgotten trick will blow them away! 004RUMMIRAGEDEC_BLU


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