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Invented by Louis Histed, the audience sees a decorated plastic stick. Attached to the stick are four pom poms. The yellow pom pom on one end is attached to the green pom pom on the same end with what is obviously a very short string. The other end of the stick has a red pom pom attached with a long string to a blue pom pom. The pom poms interact however. One pom pom on one end now appears attached to another pom pom on the other end. Even though the magician tries to explain how the pom poms are connected together, even he become a bit mixed-up. Finally the strings on both ends are pulled long and the magician separates the stick in the middle into two pieces to show no connection between the pom poms! He puts the stick pieces back together and the musing spectacle of how the various pom poms are connected starts all over again! Great magic! Please note that stick and pom pom colors and placement may vary according to the manufacture. 0003KCI1418


SKU: 0003KCI1418
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