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The PADI Open Water Diver scuba curriculum has three parts. Each part has to be completed in order. First is the Knowledge Development (classroom) training. Then comes the Confined Water (swimming pool) training. Following that are two half-days of Open Water (lake dives) to complete the certification. 


Some students desire to go to warmer climates such as the Caribbean for winter vacations. As well, most people don't want to spend their valuable vacation time in a classroom and the swimming pool learning how to dive! Unfortunately completing the two half-days of Open Water (lake dives) in ice cold winter Texas lakes is not optimal either!


Scuba Bruce Diving has a system in place to help students who want to do the first two portions of the scuba training (the Knowledge Development classroom and Confined Water indoor swimming pool training) here in Texas, and then complete their Open Water training dives and certification at their warm water ocean destination.


This system is very simple. Upon completion of the first two sections of the PADI Open Water Diver scuba course through Scuba Bruce Diving, we give students PADI referral paperwork to take with them on their vacation. There divers choose another PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and delivers that transferable paperwork to them. That instructor then teaches them the required ocean dives in warmer water to complete their certification.


This "referral course" also provides a $100 discount off our normal $450 fee if the open water lake dives and PADI certification costs are not included. The $350 fee still includes textbook and teaching curriculum and the use of scuba equipment as needed.

NOTE: Please do not buy this course without first conferring with Scuba Bruce Diving to determine availability and class dates. 817-927-0581 Landline (non-texting).




1 - All sales are final and fees are not refundable.

2 - Training must be completed within one year of purchase date. Fees are forfeited after one year.

3 - Other students may be participating in classes. Private training is available for additional cost.

4 - All classes are scheduled according to Scuba Bruce Diving availability.

5 - Charges on credit and debit cards will indicate the company name simply as Bruce Chadwick.




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