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A cloth bag is presented to the audience. The bag is shown to be seamed-up both sides as well as across the bottom. The magician or assistant is put into the bag and the mouth of the bag is tied shut with a rope or cord. A covering such as a curtain or sheet is raised up in front of the performer for just a moment and the person makes their quick escape, and the back is still tied shut and undisturbed! Sound impossible?  No velcro is used. No extra rope is pulled down inside the bag, and no stitching is removed. And no, this is not that horrible "made in India" model that some magic shops sell. This is a finely crafted bag made right here in the USA. This is also an excellent bag for those who need a bag for the Metamorphosis Substitution Trunk (Sub Trunk) illusion.  0005CBMSACKESCAPE


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