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The performer introduces an empty hat (or other receptacle) and a solid die. The die is placed into the inverted hat. The performer then displays an empty double compartment box, with cut out windows on front and loose sliding shutters and hinged doors at top. The die is taken from the hat and placed in one of the boxes and the doors are closed. The audience is asked to remember where the die is.


The performer turns the box set around, opens the side opposite to where the die was placed, and states emphatically that the die has vanished. The audience is not impressed of course, and want to see the other side of the box! The magician then tilts the box (the audience hears the die sliding from one side to the other), opens the adjacent doors and shows the box empty. The business of sliding die from one compartment to the other is repeated, till the audience is howling with frenzy for both boxes to be opened.  


The performer then takes one of the closed boxes from the base and places it at a distance. Finally the magician confesses, opens the moved box, and shows the die. However real magic seems to happen as the magician makes a throwing motion and instantly shows that the die gone from the box! The second box is opened and there is the die! This transportation can be repeated until finally the magician opens all doors of both boxes to show that the die has vanished from both boxes. It is then produced from the hat! 0072RUMSPLITDIEBOX


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