There are two eggs in the photo. One is real and the other one is fake. Can you tell the difference? Of course trying to decipher which is which in a photo is one thing, but what about actually sitting on the table right in front of you? Nope! You will not be able to tell the difference that way either! This is a specially formulated thick-walled ceramic egg that was specially made for magicians. It mimics the color, texture, and size of a real egg in every respect. It is ideal for Egg Bag routines and magic effects that require a realistic egg. Can it break? Yes, but you would have to throw it down on a concrete floor with a lot of force before it would shatter. Forget about the old days when magicians used non-realistic wooden eggs. Get the Ultimate Magician's Egg and forget about broken eggs, the mess they bring, and the trouble with real egg transport to your shows. 001CBMULTIMATEEGG