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The magician lights a tall red candle. He extinguishes the candle as he covers it with a silk handkerchief. With an upward tossing motion, the handkerchief is spread apart between the magician's hands and the candle has vanished! The handkerchief can be cleanly shown on both sides. The candle has apparently vanished into thin air!


These are original red Fantasio Vanishing Candles, which are no longer made and have long been unavailable. The Fantasio candle is the best Vanishing Candle that has ever been made. The action is smooth and powerful. Comes complete with candle and instructions. Any silk handkerchief and candle holder can be used.


Please note that brand new Fantasio candles are very rare. We haven't had any of these candles in our store for years, but a recent acquisition of the stock from a magic shop that went out of business, we now have a half dozen or so in hand. There are no wholesale companies that sell the Fantasio candle. They are just not available. Also Murphy's Magic Supplies who purchased the Fantasio line, have no plans to make Fantasio candles again. Apparently they are satisified with selling the inferior China made candle, which is not a very good product. We know it sounds like a sales pitch, but you had better get them while you can! Once they are gone, they are gone! 0081MBCVANCANDLEFANTASIO


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