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The magician displays a small plastic folder. Laying on the folder are two brass tokens. One token has a circle etched on it and the other token has a square. Both tokens are blank on their backsides. The magician take a deck of cards (regular deck, not included) and has a spectator choose two cards. Those cards are laid face-up on the table. The magician then asks for the spectator to place the circle token on one of the face-up cards and the square token on the face of the other card. At any time before the climax, the spectator can change his mind and move the tokens to opposite cards. Finally the magician opens the small plastic folder and inside are two playing cards, the same cards the spectator chose. As if this isn't amazing enough, each card has a hole cut out of it corresponding to the circle or squre token on the duplicate cards laying on the table! This is an astounding prediction, and one that will cause the audience to gasp. 059MM6652TOKENPREDICT


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