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Here’s an interesting example of a classic wooden prop now available in hard impact plexiglass. A version of the traditional ABC Blocks, the magician displays a stack of three dice and a empty hat or other receptacle. Two of the dice are black and one of the dice is red. Each die has a hole drilled through the middle so they can be stacked onto an upright pole pedestal. Each die is removed from the pedestal and placed into the hat. The pedestal is displayed without dice. Each die is then removed from the hat and placed back onto the pedestal upright with a black die on the bottom, the red in the middle, and the second black die on top. The stack is covered for a moment with any covering object such as an oriental fan, silk hank, paper sack, etc. When the covering is removed, the red die has vanished! Left behind are the two black dice stacked one on top of the other. Where is the missing red die? In the hat of course!


This item is very well made and comes complete with a nice storage box. Cover such as a fan, sack, and so forth is not included. This is an amazing trick that delights any audience of adults, children, or family presentations. Remember, US shipping is included in our price. 00071RUMCRAZYDICE


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