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The magician displays an ordinary looking soda bottle and begins to pour its contents into a clear empty plastic glass. During the pour, the magician lets go of the glass and the glass magically remains suspended in air! This classic effect comes complete with the bottle, glass, and complete working instructions. This version of this classic of magic features a magnet method where the glass and bottle are completely disconnected both before and after the pour! We have seen dozens of different airborne effects and various methodologies over the past 50 years. This one is the best. We don't know how it could be made better. It also features use of the plastic bottle which can be screwed shut so the contents won't spill during transport. This means the trick is always ready to go. This is a fun and exciting effect that appeals to all ages. Remember, our price includes shipping! 001CBMAIRBORNE or 0093RUMPERFECTAIRBO_PER


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