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Any routine that a magician can do with sponge balls, he can do with these red super soft hexagon shaped sponge cubes. The advantage of the cubes is that when they pop out of spectator’s hands, they don’t have the same tendency as balls to roll onto the floor. A suggested routine is for the magician to give a spectator one of the cubes and ask him to squeeze it into his hand. When he opens his hand, the cube has multiplied into two! The same procedure is repeated with the two cubes multiplying into three. Finally the three cubes are plainly placed in the hand, "Would you believe there are four now?" asks the magician. The spectator opens his hand, and in place of the cubes is a giant sponge in the shape of a figure four! This gives the classic sponge ball routine a powerful climax. 003NUFGO00550


SKU: 003NUFGO00550
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