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The magician reaches into the pocket and removes a folded paper sack. The sack is unfolded and the empty bag can be shown mouth of the bag toward the audience. An audience member can even reach into the bag to further prove the bag’s emptiness. With a snap of the fingers however, a noticeable “thud” is made as something has obviously appeared into the sack. The magician reaches into the sack and produces a clear plastic tumbler of beverage! 


Steve Thompson has really worked out the mechanics of this fine trick. The appearance is instantaneous, and an audience member can even reach into the sack and take out the glass of liquid. Or the outfit can be used as well to produce decks of cards, cubes, phones, or other similar objects. The bag itself is made out of very strong and durable Tyvek type material. The trick can be performed on stage or even in close-up and other front view types of settings. This is a high-quality and durable prop that is versatile and amazing in performance. Comes with bag, glass, glass plug, and online video instructions. 0042RUMAPPGLASSTHOM


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