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Well, these don’t come up for sale very often! They haven’t been made in years. This is Jeff Stewart’s famous soda that can be used for a variety of purposes in magic. Reach into the sleeve of your jacket and produce what appears to be a can of soda! Use it as a production item and produce it from virtually any type of production apparatus. Crush the can and immediately it pops back open! How? Back in the late 1980’s, Jeff put these on the market. The top and the bottom of the can are real enough, but the “can itself,” or the “body of the can” so-to-speak is made of printed vinyl. Couple that with the fact that there is a spring inside the can to keep it fully extended, well, you get the picture. The container can be crushed but immediately can be released and the can pops back open! We’ve only got one of these in our store and it appears as “Mountain Dow,” no doubt a mimic of “Mountain Dew” drink, properly made to avoid copyright infringement. 001CBMAPPEARINGSODA


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