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With the techniques and methods explained on The Art of Levitation, magicians can learn how to levitate. Not just small objects, even yourself! This broadcast quality DVD teaches how to cause objects to float in space, defying the law of gravity. Learn the inner workings of incredible tricks such as:

  • Animate a borrowed finger ring!
  • Suspend a drinking straw on the edge of the table!
  • Spin a card around your body!
  • Float inches off the ground with no special props or preparation!
  • Cause a card to rise from the pack - even while it is isolated in a wine glass!
  • Levitate a borrowed dollar bill and produce a ball bearing from it!

Many of these tricks are individually worth the price of the DVD alone. This is a great video for for both beginners and professionals. 0001NUFFI00810


SKU: 0001NUFFI00810
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