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The magician's lovely assistant is invited on-stage and lays down on a long slender couch that is about two feet tall. The magician covers the lady with a decorative cloth.  At the magician's command, the girl and cloth begin to levitate up into the air high above the table. The table is pushed offstage and out of the way. The girl and cloth can levitate back down toward the stage floor and then back up into the air high above the magician's head.  At the appropriate moment, the magician grabs hold of the cloth and whisks it away.  The girl vanishes in midair!

Our version of this great illusion uses the double wedge type base invented by Servais Le Roy. The apparent levitation of the girl under the cloth is usually accomplished with overhead rigging.  The illusion also requires proper lighting and background scenery. A good theory for lighting this illusion is to provide stage lighting immediately upstage and downstage of the "floating girl and cloth." Red and blue lights (or a combination thereof) provide excellent lighting for this effect. Glittery Mylar curtain in the colors of gold, silver, or black (sometimes also called a "Rain Drop") is recommended. Price for this beautiful levitation type illusion is $7500 FOB. Comes complete with table, cloth, rigging paraphernalia, and gimmick. Backdrop curtain not supplied.

ASRAH - $7500

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