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This is a wonderful addition to the thumb D’Lite apparatus. The magician displays an ordinary looking lunch sack, which he holds open at the top with one hand. The performer reaches up with the other hand and catches a “light” (ala D’Lite style) and “tosses it into the sack.” The light shines through the sack and the audience can clearly see the light cascade or waterfall down from the top of the sack to somewhere near the middle or bottom of the sack! This incredible manipulation can be repeated about ten times. Each time the light tossed into the sack, it cascades downward to the bottom! Note the illustration to see how this dynamic effect works. It is a LED electronic board and switch, which is held in the sack. Stealthy electronics do the rest! This effect is easy to do and is a delight (sorry) to perform! Note that D’Lites are sold separately.  0051TS11-0085F


SKU: 0051TS11-0085F
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