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This classic piece of magic apparatus appears as the “Ball Box” in Angelo Lewis’ (Professor Hoffman) classic 1876 literary work MODERN MAGIC. While the inventor of this great magic effect is not known, the Illusion Warehouse is proud to introduce this exceptional version of the trick with craftsmanship that rivals versions sought after by collectors for hundreds of dollars. 


The effect is simple and straightforward. The magician displays a gorgeous wooden vase. The vase is opened and a shiny red ball is removed from the vase. The ball is placed in the trouser pocket. After a magic moment, the vase is again opened and the ball has reappeared inside the vase! The procedure is reversed, the ball vanishes, and reappears in the pocket. 


Additionally the vase features a hollow wooden stem to hide a silk handkerchief for magicians who want to perform the classic ball and silk routine. The vase is hand-turned out of fine hardwood and features an exceptional glossy finish. The ball is about 1-3/8” in diameter and the overall height of the vase is about 6-3/8”.  This is a beautiful piece of apparatus that any magician will be proud to own. The craftsmanship is exceptional. 0041KIDRAHBALLVASE


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