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The magician displays a sponge ball that is about two inches in diameter. He informs the audience that he will make the red ball disappear and reappear in his pocket. Using some questionable sleight-of-hand, the magician apparently “fumbles” as he falsely transfers the ball from one hand to the other. Showing the hand empty where he would like the audience to believe the ball is, it is painfully obvious the ball is still in the other hand. After all, part of the red ball is sticking out of his hand. “Oh geeze” says the magician, “It looks like you’ve caught me red handed!” The magician opens his hand, but it isn’t a red ball in the hand. Rather it is a giant red sponge hand! The magician reaches into his pocket and pull out the vanished red ball. This is a fun piece of magic that will cause the adults to chuckle, and the kids go crazy! Everything is self-contained. All that is needed to perform this fun effect is the sponge ball/hand, the extra sponge ball that comes from the pocket, and a little bit of acting! 006NUFGO01110


SKU: 006NUFGO01110
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