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The magician borrows a bill and has a spectator sign the bill for verification. The magician folds the bill, places it up under a handkerchief, and gives the hank to the spectator, asking them to hold the bill and hank. Next the magician shows a small brass tube that is secured with a cap and padlock. The magician then reaches up, pulls the hank from the spectator’s fingers, and the bill has vanished! The spectator is given a key, unlocks the lock from the brass tube, removes the cap, and inside is the vanished bill complete with the spectator’s signature! The tube can be thoroughly examined!


This exceptional effect that was made famous during the Carl Brema and Sons dynasty many years ago is now back and beautifully made! The outfit is made out of solid brass with a polished outside finish. It is not a hard trick to do and the tube’s simple design makes the trick fun to perform. Instead of a signed bill, any other object can be made to appear inside the tube such as a rolled-up signed card, billet, small candies, or any other item that will fit inside. Comes with full instructions. 0012RUMBILLTUBEBRASS


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