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This manuscript instructs how to do the classic Harry Blackstone Senior verion of the Spirit Dancing Handkerchief. While the effect requires stage-like conditions for proper performance, all the tips and procedures are fully described. In essence, the magician borrows a pocket handkerchief and ties a knot in one corner. Suddenly the hank becomes alive and it dances about the stage. The hank can be placed into a cabinet and the hank moves around inside. The hank can be placed in the performer's coat pocket and the hank moves around like a kangaroo in its mom's pouch! The hank can be stuffed into a big five gallon water bottle and the bottle capped-off with a cork. The hank dances inside and eventually pushes the cork out of the bottle and climbs out through the bottle neck. In the end, the hank corner is untied and the handkerchief is returned to the spectator. This is one of the most intriguing animation effects in the archives of magic. 001CBMDANCINGHANK


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