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The magician invites a volunteer, perhaps the birthday child, to assist in a magical routine. The magician displays a small pointed "paper looking" hat (perhaps a birthday hat) and places it on top of the volunteer's head. Immediately however, the hat falls off the volunteer's head because "it is too small."


The magician unfolds the hat to make it larger and places it once again on the volunteer's head. However once again, the hat proves to be too small (thanks to a slight "tipping" of the hat "accidentially" by the magician). Again the hat is unfolded larger and the comedy by-play is repeated two more times! The audience of course roars with laughter (did we mention kids?) each time the hat falls from the volunteer's head.


Finally the hat is unfolded a full 18" or so square and plumps that down over the spectator's head. Again more laughter and then explosive laughter from the audience as the hat is turned around and the picture of a big ugly oger is displayed!


This great trick by the late English magician Ali Bongo hasn't been available for a long time. This  new model made with durable composite plastic material is designed to last a very long time. Bright hat colors each time the hat is unfolded larger, makes for a great prop that is lightweight, easy to transport, and fun to perform. 5561RUMALIBONGOHAT


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