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The magician’s assistant steps up on a stool that rests on a small thin platform. The magician then places two brooms vertically under the assistant’s arms so that the bristles of the brooms are on top. Next the stool is pulled out from under the girl and the girl is now suspended in the air with only the bristles of each broom holding her up! The magician next removes one of the brooms but the girl remains suspended! The magician then pivots the girl upward into a 45 degree angle and then into a horizontal position as per the illustration! There is absolutely no plausible explanation as to how the girl is seemingly hanging in mid air! The magician then lowers the girl back down to her vertical position, replaces the stool and both the magician and assistant bow for applause.


This is beyond a doubt the finest Broom Suspension illusion available to the magic fraternity today. The illusion comes complete with the platform, two brooms, and necessary paraphernalia. Since the height of assistant’s vary, a stool is not included. This fine crafted illusion prop is built in Texas and features the patented lever release mechanism. It is a portable illusion that packs small and plays big, and can even be performed surrounded. It is simple and direct, takes very skill to perform, and is highly recommended.


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