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This is one of the most mind-boggling and yet easy-to-do card tricks ever created. Invented by the late Roy Walton, many professionals have featured this unique and puzzling effect. The magician takes two playing cards. He folds one in half length-wise and the other in half width-wise. He places the length-wise folded card inside the fold of the width-wise folded card. Pushing the long length-wise folded card through the half-folded card, the long length-wise folded card flips over! What was the back of the length-wise folded card is now the front of the card! The procedure is repeated a couple of times. For the finish, the magician tears both cards down the middle. When the length-folded card is revealed, indeed one-half of the card is outward and the other half is inward! Eerie to say the least and really amazing. This DVD explains it all. Uses two ordinary playing cards and a little bit of knowledge! 001MM


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