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An assistant rolls a small platform onstage. On the platform are two trestles with a horizontal board restng across them that forms a bench. The magician covers the board with a cloth and the assistant then lays down on the board. The magician then pulls the two trestles out from under the board and the girl is apparently suspended in the air! The magician then passes a hula-hoop around the floatng girl. The magician replaces the two trestles under the board and girl. The girl gets up off the board, the magician pulls the cloth away, tosses it aside, and the performers bow for applause!


Note again that the illusion can be rolled into place right in front of spectators, performed, and then rolled away. In other words, the illusion does not have to be statc and stay in the same place throughout the show! This is not a “through the curtain” type of levitaton. Also there are no extreme angle problems and the illusion can easily be performed flat-floor with an audience.


The illusion comes completely apart for packing and it can fit in either one or two road show cases. It takes less than five minutes to assemble. No special hoop is required and any ordinary hula-hoop can be used. The suspension can easily take the weight of an average sized female assistant or volunteer from the audience. The levitating person is perfectly safe throughout the performance of the illusion.


Note that this is not a “remake” of the Walter Blaney Suspension 3001. Also while similar in effect, this is not the Blaney Ladder Suspension/Miracle Hoop combination, which can cost thousands of dollars more than our fine prop. This illusion utlizes principles found in the Jack Gwynne Suspension, the Harbin Walk-Away Suspension, and the ingenuity of Chadwick Illusion Fabricatons.


This is one of the most amazing, easy-to-do, and economical illusions ever offered to the magic fraternity. It is extremely well-built and comes complete with detailed instructions. This prop can be shipped via UPS at cost. Road show cases are available for an additional fee. Patent pending. All rights reserved.


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