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The magician shows a painted metal tube to be completely empty. A plastic drinking glass is dropped through the tube to further show the tube empty. Next colored water or other liquid is poured into the tube. However the liquid does not flow out through the bottom of the open-ended tube! Where did the liquid go? The magician can even push a handkerchief through the tube with a magic wand to further prove the liquid has vanished. Lastly, the magician picks up the empty glass that was originally dropped through the tube and pushes it up back up through the tube. When it emerges out the top of the tube, the glass is full of the liquid! This apparatus is very well made. The tube is powder coated paint to deter rust and scratches. The trick comes complete with instructions. Use your own magic wand and silk hank. This is a great trick and honestly, we don't know how it could be made better. 009RUMLIQSUSTUBE


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