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The magician explains that after casinos use a deck of cards a few times, they usually eliminate the deck from play by punching holes through the cards. The magician displays such a deck of cards that was eliminated, not because the cards showed a lot of use, but because of their proclivity to always help the player wind the hand! Is the deck haunted? Does it have personality? Is there some unseen force at work?


The magician shows that the deck has holes drilled through the top and bottom of each card. The magician then hangs the card deck on an ordinary chopstick and shows that all the cards swing freely on the stick. A spectator then chooses a card, keeping the denomination of the card secret from the magician. The spectator then places the card anywhere into the deck and the cards are thoroughly shuffled. Once again the magician places the chopstick through the cards. Suddenly the chosen card animates and rotates up out of the deck! This easy-to-do and fun trick to do comes complete with a regulation Bicycle deck, chopstick, and complete instructions. 001CBMCHINESERISINGCD


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