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Two magic wands are displayed and held in the hand as per the illustration. Each wand has a tassel hanging from it. One has a long string and the other tassel has a short string. Pull the short string and tassel and the long string and tassel goes up! Vice-versa the trick is performed several times until the audience surmises that the wands are just connected at the other ends that are being held by the hand! The wands are separated however and still the sympathetic reaction occurs! Pull the short tassle and the long one goes up! Finally both strings are pulled down long. The magicain twists his ear as the "control knob," and both strings move back up into the sticks!A classic in magic, these sticks are the black plastic with white tip ends and braded strings. They are about 10” long and work very well. This is a classic magic trick. 005RUMCHINESESTICKSDIF


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