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This classic item provides built-in humorous fun for audiences of all ages. The performer shows two large sticks. Each stick has a red tassel on the end. Holding two sticks at v-shape in his hand, the performer pulls one of the tassels down. When the second tassle is pulled downward, the first pulled tassel goes back up! Of course the audience surmizes that the two strings are attached to the other. After a bit of by-play, the sticks are seperated. There is no connection! The vice-versa up and down action of the strings still continues! Finally both strings are pulled down long. The magicain twists his ear as the "control knob," and both strings move back up into the sticks! This classic of magic has never looked better, and especially for the price. These sticks have a beautiful wood-like appearance and their action is adequate. Dark red cord with gold accents make these sticks  great for the platform or stage. 0201MMCHINESESTICKSWOOD


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