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This is one of the most incredible close-up mysteries in the archives of magic! The magician borrows a quarter from someone (or produces a quarter from his own pocket and passes it for complete examination). The magician then proceeds to pass a lit or unlit cigarette right through the quarter! The cigarette is slowly and deliberately removed, and the quarter is apparently passed back out for complete examination!


This quality gimmicked coin and simple switching of a normal quarter for the gaffed quarter is excellent. What? You don’t smoke? Good for you! You don’t have to use a cigarette. Use a rolled-up dollar bill, a felt covered pencil (as taught by Michael Ammar), or even a feather! Note that this is the one-sided version of the effect, which we at the Illusion Warehouse is best because it minimizes angles as compared to the two-sided version. This is a wonderful piece of magic folks. Don’t overlook this incredible effect. 5271RUMECIGTHRUQ or 0882RUMTCIGTHRUQ


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